Food...  Nutrition...  Cooking...  Baking...  Health...  Recipes...  
And All Things Related.
This is a blog about food, nutrition, cooking, baking, health and all things
related to the aforementioned  items.  I am open to blogging about various
topics but they will all in some way, shape or form relate to one  of those
topics. I am an amateur writer, experienced baker, intermediate cook
and master adventurer!  There is not much I love more than adventure in
the kitchen. So in other words, an alternate title to my blog would be
"Kitchen Adventures" or "Adventures In Baking."  I eat, sleep, breathe
 and dream cooking and baking, nine times out of ten I am plotting
a new recipe in my head. My philosophy is baking and cooking are
supposed to be fun, so why not make them an adventure? Follow
your gut, trust your instincts and just try to have fun with it.  I've
been known to start out with the intention of  following a recipe,
only to find I've added dozens of things and left out half or more  items.
It's all one big experiment to me and I must say, I've never really made
 anything that you could say was a failure. They all turned out edible if
 not extremely successful and while they may not always be exactly
what I was originally after, I have discovered a great deal of exciting
foods that way.  I have a particular fondness for all things "Grain Free"  
Yes, that's right... you read correctly.
Grain Free.
As a matter of a fact, I myself am 100% Grain Free,
I do not work with Wheat Flour, Rice Flour or any of those
other grain based flours.  I have been Grain Free and Refined
Sugar Free for several months now.  My journey to discover
healthier more nutritious foods began in 2009 when my
health started going down hill.  I had many strange things
going on with my health but one of the notable ones was
the sudden onset of multiple food issues, including intolerances
and allergies.   As a result my diet got quite limited and boring
for a while, which forced me to get really creative and learn how
to take charge of my own diet, nutrition and food intake.  When
you cannot depend on the mass factory "food" producers to
provide you boxes, bags, packages and containers of "food"
you have to fend for yourself. Luckily I already had years of
experience baking and while this greatly changed my ways of
baking and all that I thought I once knew... it has also enhanced
and brought new life to my baking and cooking. I feel revitalized
in the kitchen, what once was boring and dull, is now an exciting
adventure, I am baking and cooking in a whole new sense. Before
it was all about following recipes... but now... it's about making my own.
And  I love it!
Hopefully you will all enjoy reading my journey in the bold new world of....
"Grain Free, Refined Sugar Free, Healthy, Nutritious, Allergy Friendly Food."
I know I will enjoy sharing it.

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