Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fermented Vegetable Juice - Day 2

So tasty! So Nutritious! So Red and Green and Festive looking!
 Today I had my one teaspoon of Fermented Beet Juice in soup! -
It was delicious! I was surprised by how that 1 teaspoon really punched up the flavor of this simple Broccoli Chicken Soup. Yes, very simple, because that is a whole piece of chicken in chicken broth with cooked broccoli.

I could so easily see why these Fermented Vegetable Juices would be amazing for flavor boosting and in the case of the Beet Variety, clearly some potent food coloring as well. I am dreaming of all the pink things I could make with this and that is definitely an added bonus because I am not using food coloring at all anymore. I feel it's best to use nutritious things to tint whatever I wanted colored.

How the juice experiment is going...
Well yesterday certainly got things going but I consider that a good thing. : )  - By late last night I was suffering something highly unusual for myself... I have been off refined sugar for around 6 months and I considered myself to be pretty done with the Sugar Demons. However, last night they were back with a vengeance and I could barely stand it. I ate a Banana to try and stave off the sweet cravings but it barely sufficed. Today it occurred to me, as I sat on my couch tweaking for a sugar fix... "Why am I having such bad sugar fits???" - Suddenly it dawned on me, perhaps those little soldiers, those good and friendly bacteria... are killing off some bad guys? Like Yeast, Fungi, etc. and maybe in their dying hour, they crying out for sugar to survive. Since we all know Yeast and naughty bacteria love and thrive on sugar in it's many forms. That got me to thinking, this is probably some sort of die off effect that I am experiencing. Which leads me to a conundrum, do I feed the sugar cravings somewhat safely with Maple Syrup and Fruit... or do I deny the heck out of these sensations and risk feeling like crud but maybe eventually coming out the other side feeling better?

Now todays dose did not "get things going" - so to speak and I feel my body acclimating and giving into the sugar cravings is certainly making this easier. I think resisting might be the better road though but for now I have too many things going on and I need to be able to function properly.

That's all for now, tune in tomorrow for more "Adventures In Fermented Juice!"

Any comments? Feel free to share.

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