This is the section just for you guys...
This is where all my readers get to give me input, ideas, make 
suggestions or requests and so on and so forth.

  • Do you have feedback on my blog content, recipes or articles?
  • Speak your mind and let me know.
  • Do you have ideas of topics or specific things you'd like more information on?
  • Share your ideas here.
  • Do you have suggestions that have anything to do with my blog?
  • Suggest away, this is the place.
  • Do you have any requests for a specific type of recipe?
  • Get requesting.

I cannot promise that all of your feedback, ideas, suggestions or 
requests will be doable for me but I can promise that all of them 
will be heard! In other words you may not see direct results from
 your input but you will at least know that I seen it none the less. 
Anything within my abilities that I feel would be an improvement 
or help, will indeed be implemented or undertaken. In terms of
 recipe requests, I don't do anything with grains, sorry. However 
I can still bake, I just do so grain free. So feel free to request a 
special type of cookie or knock off of something you used to 
love before dietary changes or health circumstances stepped 
in to take it away. People who have limited diets have to be 
extra creative... and because of my understanding of how 
hard it is to always "go without"  --- I am willing to hear any and 
all recipe requests and consider each one carefully.  If anyone 
suggests something that interests me, sounds fun or just strikes 
my fancy. I'll give it a go! and of course once the recipe is 
refined, successful and has all the kinks worked out, I will
 credit the contributor for their suggestion by name if they
 approve. I will also dedicate a post to the adventure of 
making that specific thing and share the recipe with everyone 
for their own enjoyment. The reward for the recipe requester
 is getting credit for giving me the idea, plus hopefully a recipe 
that they have been wanting.  I must admit my specialty is with
 baked goods, you know.... Cookies, cakes, pies, etc. Or desserts 
of any kind, I dabble a bit in breakfasts and quick, simple lunches 
but very rarely do I tackle main dishes or complex dinners.  Just 
a hint for those who might make a request, those parameters will 
help you determine what recipes are actually worth requesting 
from me.  There is no limit on how many requests someone can 
make but there is also no guarantee that their request will ever 
be addressed, like I said... even I have limitations. I wont jump 
into something that I think might be over my head but I am the 
most adventurous baker I know, so if it comes to baking, your odds
 are better. I only use non-grain flours like Coconut Flour, Tapioca
 Flour, Almond Flour, etc. Which are ALL naturally Gluten AND 
Grain Free!  Oh, and don't forget to mention if your recipe has
 special needs, such as "Egg Free"  - etc.
Happy Suggesting!

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