Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fermented Vegetable Juice - Day 1

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of my little experiment. Honestly I couldn't be more surprised by the initial results and believe it or not... there ARE initial and immediate results. Today I decided I would consume my 1 teaspoon of Fermented Vegetable Juice in some Raw, Fresh Juiced Juice. I selected 1 pound of beautiful, Organic Carrots, washed and prepared them accordingly. I then chose 3 gorgeous, Organic Apples and washed and quartered them as per the instructions of my Juice Extractor. My whole family of four decided to join in on this so I divided the Carrot Apple Juice into fourths between us all.

I added 1 teaspoon of the Fermented Beet Juice to each glass and I added some Almond Milk to mine.
I have to admit that I was weary of the flavor of the Fermented Beet Juice but it actually tasted pretty good even by itself. The mixture I concocted was a creamy, dreamy, delicious and refreshing beverage that I thoroughly enjoyed. On top of that, it was healthy, how can you beat that? The most shocking part of all is within 15 minutes of beginning drinking the Juice Mixture, I felt an almost immediate surge in energy and alertness. I was much more aware after drinking it than before drinking it. I truly felt energized and revitalized and that feeling is still with me.

Maybe all those Probiotic Soldiers went in there and got started doing their jobs right away or perhaps it was the Fresh, Raw Juice... or a combination of all of the above. In either case, day 1 is considered a smashing success and I cannot wait to see what other benefits I will experience after a few days or after a week or more. I would be very thrilled to have less stomach problems and to digest my food better. Considering how much you health goes hand in hand with digestion, no wonder it's so important! Tune in tomorrow for another brief update of how it is going, how I consumed it and how it went.

 Have you got any experiences with Fermented Vegetables or Fermented Juices? Feel free to share in the comments below. What about Juicing? Do you Juice? Feel free to share you experiences and knowledge in the comments below. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.  - 
Until next time, I wish you all Peace, Health and Happiness!

Disclaimer:  There is no scientific proof or evidence in this experiment and results may vary.

Update: I see what they meant when I read that "Fermented Juices" are good for the constitution. I typically have a great deal of problems with constipation but about forty-five minutes to an hour later, this concoction, whether it be the tiny amount of Apple Juice or the Fermented Vegetable Juice, certainly got things moving. I will say there was a small amount of discomfort that was quickly remedied but it definitely shows this is indeed doing things.

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